Saturday, January 7, 2012


                                                             ❥Pie Rage Hunt!
                    ❥HUNT THEME: GOOFY VALENTINES/LOVE ITEM! The item you make or outfits, etc, Must be a little goofy. Maybe funny Gestures or something -Corny- but cute. The fun stuff :D
❥25 Stores MAX.

❥Please fill out the following and send it back to ARAHBELLE RESIDENT in a NC (Note card) In world with the title of:
PRH-(Store Name)- ( YOUR NAME)

❥What is your Stores name:

❥Your SL Name:

❥Todays Date:



❥Land Rating (PG, Mature, Adult) Must be PG or MATURE:

❥Can you make an item that is for both Genders or Unisex? (MUST HAVE UNISEX OR ONE FOR BOTH GENDERS): 

❥What do you plan on making for the hunt?: ( Outfit, tattoo, Funiture skin, ETC) 

❥In case of an Emergency and your M.I.A, Who is someone you trust to help you out?:

❥Whos Name do you want to be in the Hunt Group?Leave blank if owner of store.(YOU MUST watch for notices!)

❥Thank you for taking the time to Fill this out,
Arahbelle will visit your store in the next 48 hours or so to check things out.

Vendor RULES for Pie Rage hunt!

 February 1st-February 29th.
HUNT THEME: Anything related to Valentines day.

1. Original Creations: Only your own original creations may be used as hunt prizes; purchased elements (sculpties, textures, meshes) are fine, but no freebies, no business-in-a-box , and no downloaded art from the internet. Infringement of these requirements will result in removal from the hunt.

2. Prize requirements: Prizes must be new and exclusive for the duration of the hunt. An exclusive color of a recent release is fine; an entire new product is fantastic. The prize must be representative of what can be found in your store, and of similar quality. Make it something that the hunters will use, and want to come back to your store for more of. Hunt prizes must not be set for normal sale at any time during the hunt; afterwards is fine.

3. Hiding requirements: If the location is in a mall or a large venue where teleports are fixed, then either a guiding track or within sim teleporter must be used to direct hunters to the proper store or area. In all cases a hunt sign needs to be installed at the correct location.

4. Hiding methods: The hunt object must be placed so that it can be found with normal camera methods..

5. Resizing/ recoloring the hunt object- Resizing larger is perfectly fine, Dont make it much smaller then it is. Please do not recolor the hunt object.

6. Decoy objects / Multiple Objects – decoy objects are permitted. However for the sake of sanity and since this hunt already has multiple prizes, please try not to go overboard.

7. Hints, moving the object etc. – Hints are required and will be kept on the blog, alongside the store number and the slurl to the next stop. Hint giving will also be encouraged in chat, as long as direct locations are not given. You are also encouraged to have some means of giving a hint at your location.
7a. Moving the object is acceptable, but you are asked to to let us know that the item has moved so that we can update the blog, and please update your hint as well.
7b. Initial Hint Forms will be required approximately 1 week from the time hunt objects are sent; this allows us to complete the walkthrough in a timely manner and be prepared for the start of the hunt.

8. Selling the Hunt object – Each should contain your prize and a landmark to the next location. Sell contents rather than copy, unless you have a place for hunters to rez the item to get the LM to the next location out.

9. Problems: (missing signs, hunt objects not for sale, etc) any problems noticed will be notecarded and will need to be fixed within 24 hours. If any problems are not resolved within the allotted time period the location will be removed from the hunt to allow for smooth operation.

10. Each shop owner (or an alt) will be invited the the group “Pie Rage Hunts!” to receive vendor status and so we can contact you easily. The avatar who joins should be able to take care of the hunt sign and hunt prims or any other issues we may need to take up with you.

If you have any questions, please contact Arahbelle Resident.